Scholarship Eligibility

The Gym Dandies has a tradition of awarding scholarships to graduating seniors who are participating members.  The Gym Dandies Booster Organization provides these scholarships in recognition of the years of hard work, commitment and involvement you have had with the Gym Dandies in practice and in events. 

In order to make it clear who is eligible, the Booster Organization has adopted the following criteria for awarding scholarships: 

In his/her senior year, each returning Gym Dandy will be eligible for a scholarship of up to $500, provided he/she has met the following criteria:  

a) he/she has paid the yearly fee and is registered as a participant during his/her senior year,

b) he/she participates in the community performance in his/her senior year (barring illness or injury, etc.), and  

c) he/she attends three additional Gym Dandy events between June 1 of his/her junior year and June 1 of his/her graduation year.