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Be sure to screen every day BEFORE you arrive. Be sure to hit SUBMIT!
Gym Dandies Covid Screening Tool

Gym Dandies Children’s Circus

Online Registration for Fall 2020

Registration: 7 AM Monday, Oct. 26 through midnight Friday, Oct, 30 Openings will be limited so don’t delay!

The Gym Dandies Children’s Circus of Scarborough is the largest continuously operating children’s circus in the United States and has received state and national recognition as an exemplary program for children.

To register please go to:  

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Dear Gym Dandies Families,

Gym Dandies November classes

The October classes have been going very well when the weather permits. I believe that we are providing the safest outdoor afterschool physical activity that is possible. We are all masked and distanced the whole time, with no shared equipment and lots of hand sanitizer used. And our Covid Screening tool is our first and most powerful line of defense. Thank you all for screening (remember to click submit). Everyone seems happy to be back and working hard. The smaller groups allow for more focused instruction and practice time.

We have figured out a way to provide November classes. The key is starting an hour earlier in a different location once Daylight Savings Time ends on Nov. 1. (Our current location is a major bus artery until 3:45.)
We have been able to arrange use of the parking lot of the former Public Safety Building next to Amato’s on Route 1 from 3:00 to 4:30pm. It is spacious, accessible and well enough lit that it will be safe at pick up time.

Note that we have found that we can accommodate Intermediates who have not quite mastered self mounting yet, as long as they can self mount using a piece of wood to keep the wheel in place. We are not able to spot students by hand however.

Here is what we are able to offer:
Two Performance Level Classes (Tuesday and Thursday)
Performance Level qualifications: Unicycle – 20 stationary and 8 tight figure 8’s , reverse direction forward/backward four times 10 ft each way; Juggling – 30 cascade pattern with 3 juggling cubes.
Two Intermediate Classes (Monday and Friday)
Intermediate level must be able to self mount a unicycle with, or without a prop and ride 600 ft unassisted.
Classes will be outdoors. Classes will be at the former Public Safety Building parking lot on Route 1, next to Amato’s, from 3:00 to 4:30.
Students will be dropped off and picked up at the outer portion of the parking lot.
Classes will run from the week of November 3 through December 4.
Cost will be $40 per student for the session
Classes will be cancelled in inclement weather.
Classes will be up to 30 students supervised by Mr. Sloatman, Janoah Bailin, one other instructor and 2 approved adult volunteers.
Staff and volunteers will be trained in COVID precautions.

Student/ Family responsibilities
Students and parents must read the Athletic Department Guidelines and sign off on them in the registration process. Not everything is pertinent to what we do, but we must abide by all that is.
Students and staff and volunteers will login and complete the Covid Screening Tool by 11:00 AM before practice.
Any student, or adult participant, failing the screening, must stay at home, follow the Athletic Department Guidelines, and contact Mr. Sloatman.
Careful records of screening results and attendance will be maintained and shared with the School Dept. for contact tracing if necessary.
All participants, including staff and volunteers will wear masks, and maintain 6 feet of distance throughout practices and transitions including pick up and drop off.
All Participants will sanitize hands before, after, and frequently during practice. Hand sanitizer will be supplied.
Students will bring all of their own gear, including juggling equipment, safety gear, 20″ unicycle, and water bottle and take it home. We will not be storing gear at school. No giraffes for this short session.
Everything must be clearly labelled with names. Gear cannot be shared. If anyone is lacking anything, it can be issued to them for the month session and they will be responsible for taking care of it and bringing it to class.
Gear must remain socially distanced, 6 ft apart, during practice.
Disinfectant spray will be on site for use by staff if needed.
Spectators are not allowed at any athletic activities, per SMAA rules, so we ask all parents to stay in their cars during drop-off and pick-up and during practice. This is to minimize our number of contacts during practice.
Unfortunately we have no gathering place, or means of supervision for SMS and SHS students between their school dismissal and our 3:00 start time. If their Gym Dandies day is the same as their in-school cohort day families should arrange transportation to practice. It continues to be a great sadness for me that we cannot have student helpers join us in this session. I will involve them as soon as I can.
We will have before class supervision for the few Wentworth students who might have Gym Dandies on their in-school cohort day. Details will be announced on that next week.

I would like to thank the Gym Dandies Board of Directors, Diane Nadeau, Asst. Superintendent, Kelli Crosby, Wentworth Principal, and Justin Ferreira at the Athletics Dept. for all the hard work and support they have contributed in the monumental task of adapting our program to the realities of covid.

Gym Dandies Lives!

Sincerely, Mr. Sloatman

2020 Virtual Gym Dandies

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…like these from the performance on 05/16/2015 at the Ronald McDonald House of Portland to help them celebrate 20 years of “keeping families together and helping kids heal and cope better”!