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IMG_2492We use this page to keep our Gym Dandies parents up-to-date on the latest news, information and events. If you’d like to be notified via email whenever something is added or changed, you can sign up at the “Stay Up-To-Date” to the right or on the Stay Up-To-Date Page.

Next Gym Dandies Booster Meeting
  • When: 7:15 PM on Wednesday, 06/20/2018 (usually 3rd Wednesday of the month)
  • Where: Wentworth Library

If you would like to get more involved, all are welcome to attend these meetings!

Go Fund Me
We have started a Go Fund Me drive to raise money for transportation to Philadelphia. It was unveiled at the Community Performance with an initial flurry of activity, but to be successful it needs a lot of social media buzz!
GoFundMe is a new fundraising effort for us. If it is successful we can use it to make future trips more affordable for all Gym Dandies.
How you can help
Please post the gofundme link on your social media pages and get people interested in sending this enthusiastic, hardworking group of kids to Philadelphia. They will be getting recognition in a national parade for what they do so well!
If this GoFundMe drive goes over its goal, the surplus will be used for future trips.

Thanks to everyone for making this years’ Community Performance such a huge success. Fun was had by all!

Photographer, Eric Tirrell, volunteered his time over the weekend and is providing all of the photos to our group to share with families. Eric lives in Scarborough and is the parent of two former Gym Dandies who are now in college.

Here is a link to a Dropbox folder where he saved all of the photos:
2018 Community Performance Pictures

Philadelphia 4th Of July Parade

The registration period is now closed.

If you have questions regarding the Philadelphia 4th Of July Parade, please email Lindsey: shown to non-JS browsers

Purchasing A Unicycle

James Shield’s presentation and advice on purchasing a unicycle has been posted on the Purchasing A Unicycle page.

You can do anything with practice!

If your Gym Dandy wants to practice more at home, please refer to the Learn More – Help Links page for additional juggling tutorials and unicycling instruction.

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