“The Gym Dandies” is not about winning or losing.  The primary goal of this program is to help children develop motor skills, confidence, and self-esteem in a noncompetitive atmosphere.  There are no special skills required to join “The Gym Dandies.” Ultimately, participants will apply their skills cooperatively in performances for the purpose of entertainment.

Gym_Dandies_Logo_2004We are an organization which strives to provide a program that:

  • Meets the developmental needs of children, and is inclusive for all populations (age, sex, and special needs).
  • Will improve the participant’s confidence and self-esteem by providing opportunities for each child to demonstrate learned skills and to experience success.
  • Will promote circus arts as a desirable and appropriate activity for physical education, recreation, and extracurricular programs across the State of Maine.

The skills these children demonstrate are very difficult and require a great deal of practice to master.  The crucial ingredient for success is a willingness to practice.  In fact, Mr. Cahill’s mantra is “You can do anything with practice!”.