Gym Dandies Founder to Step Down

Mr. Cahill practicing with some of his kids. (Click image for article in The Current) Photo: Rich Obrey
Mr. Cahill directing his Gym Dandies during a practice for the 2015 Community Performance (Click image for WCSH6 Interview)

Mr. Cahill has announced that this will be his last Community Performance. After 34 years as the director of the Gym Dandies, he will be stepping down.

In a letter to his parents he wrote:

Last week I told my performance level kids that this will be my last year as director of Gym Dandies, one the hardest things I ever had to get through. 34 years of thousands of great kids and their families is hard to let go of, not to mention the terrific teachers and volunteers who have worked with me over the years to make Gym Dandies what it is today… I am 8 years old with 60 years of experience. So, my mind says go, but my body says wait a minute!

Mr. Cahill with two of his first year Gym Dandies (Click image to read Scarborough Leader article)

I will still be around to consult and volunteer from time to time, but for the most part I am stepping down. Be assured that Gym Dandies will continue. I have terrific teachers working with me who intend to stay on into the future…


All of the children I have worked with have enriched my life beyond measure. It has been a privilege to be part of their lives.



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