Galleries: 2014 Columbus Day Parade

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IMG_3306(Photo: Kimberly Grover)

“Thank you for creating such an amazing performance. The kids were incredible… The spectators (and I) were really in awe. I loved that part of the parade, truly stunning what these kids can do!” – Andre Spatz

(Photo: Andre Spatz)

The photographer of the above image, Andre Spatz, has kindly set up a gallery especially for the Gym Dandies! In the event that some would like memorabilia (i.e. prints, t-shirts, etc.) they can be ordered directly from him. (Please note: The photos are not to be used without his expressed written consent.)

Email: Andre Spatz

columbus-day-parade-new-york-city-2014(Photo: Jennifer Mitchell)

Another photographer at the parade, Jennifer Mitchell, has also shared some of her pictures with us.