A Note to Gym Dandies Parents

Welcome to another exciting Gym Dandy year! Please take a look at the Beginner Registration Packet on the Forms page.

In this packet you will find the following:

  • How to help your child work to improve his/her skill level
  • How to make juggling balls
  • Where to buy unicycles locally
  • Practice charts
  • Skill progression charts

To progress, your child must practice at home for 15 to 20 minutes each day. If you display the practice and progression charts at home, this will help remind your child to practice. Simply download the Beginner Skill Packet and print a copy.

Three-ball, cascade pattern juggling is the most difficult skill for beginners and should be practiced every day. Be sure to follow the Practice Sheet for Beginners. Do not skip steps! Start with one ball. 

Go to this juggling website for basic to advanced skills: Wildcat Jugglers Tutorial

Performance level Gym Dandies need to practice to continue to improve and advance, as well. Gym Dandies who do not continue to work to improve get bored and lose interest. This is a fact, no matter the type of activity in which one might be involved.  Advanced juggling charts are available at practice.

Please encourage your Gym Dandy to go to these webpages:

Remember, practice makes everything possible!   Thank you for encouraging your child to learn to do what most people will never learn to do!

Jon Cahill