2024 Manchester Parade



Sunday, 3/24/2024

This is an important event, it is a yearly parade experience!

*Please note:

  • Performance level Gym Dandies are expected to participate in this event. We need a large number of Giraffe riders to fulfill our contractual obligation to parade organizers.
  • Intermediate level Gym Dandies may participate in this event if they can self-mount and ride the 20″ Unicycle. The parade route is 1 mile. Children who need assistance with mounting must be accompanied by one parent to assist them during the parade.

Sign up here!

All performers and parade walkers, including instructors, must sign up.

Deadline: March 18th

*Please sign up as soon as possible so we can make proper bus arrangements!

Parade details: 


  • Depart Wentworth School at 8:30AM – please arrive at 8:30 to organize and load gear
  • Form up at 11:00
  • Parade begins at 12:00 PM
  • Snack stop at Manchester Mall after parade: kids should bring snack $$.  (We may skip this stop if we are running late.)
  • Return to Wentworth approximately 3:30- 4:00 PM

Participants will need:

  • two bottles of water for after the parade
  • a snack
  • bag lunch
  • a little spending money for a snack stop at Manchester Mall food court on the return trip to Scarborough. 

Uniform Requirements:

GYM DANDIES should be wearing their winter uniform:

  • Black pants: NO STRIPES PLEASE, wind pants are fine.
  • White sneakers
  • Cold weather performance jacket: if you do not have one you may wear your Gym Dandies shirt over a black or dark jacket. We may have a couple of blue jackets to loan. 
  • Bring a warm cap to wear under your helmet and dark gloves

ALL ADULTS walking in the parade must dress appropriately for this major parade, no jeans:

  • Black pants
  • Black shoes
  • Gray or black cold weather parade walker jacket or gray Gym Dandies shirt over jacket. Otherwise a gray or black jacket will suffice

Gym Dandies Assembly Point & end of parade meeting spot: 

  • Assembly point: Brady Sullivan Towers, 1750 Elm St. Those driving separately must be at assembly point no later than 11:00 AM. Elm St. will close 30 minutes prior to the parade at 11:30 AM. Parade starts at 12:00 PM
  • Buses will be parked at the end of the parade route south of 500 Elm Street.  You can generally find parking near the end of the parade route on Elm Street and to the left.
  • If your child is not returning on the bus you must meet us at the end of the parade route at our buses promptly when the Gym Dandies finish the parade. Please inform Mr. Sloatman or, Janoah, when you pick up your child.  We do not wait for the rest of the parade to finish. We leave once we have finished the route.

Our bus will take the following route to Manchester:

Maine Turnpike

To NH  I-95

Take Rt 101 W exit

Take I-93 N

Take exit 9 S

½ right onto Webster St.

Left onto Elm St. at barricade: (If driving separately mention Gym Dandies to street guard.)

One block south on Elm St.


We will not participate if it is raining/snowing, or severely cold wind. Please monitor your email prior to parade day for notices from Gym Dandies regarding possible cancellation. A last minute cancellation would be posted on our website gymdandies.org and Facebook, on the morning of the parade.

We hope to see you there!

Mr. Sloatman and Janoah