Getting Underway…

The school year is well underway bigeperformer01 which means Gym Dandies practices will be starting before you know it! A quick heads up for returning and new Gym Dandies who haven’t already turned in their registrations, please return your registration ASAP to have a better chance at getting your preferred practice day.  (Details can be found on the Registration Forms page.)

On September 17, the Gym Dandies were honored to represent the State of Maine on the 100th Anniversary of the Big E in Springfield, Mass. Pictures have been posted over on our Facebook page!

Also, tonight is the annual meeting for the Gym Dandies Boosters. All are welcomed to attend and take an active role is supporting this wonderful group!

There are a lot of parades and performances already on the calendar for the year. Details of these and other upcoming and noteworthy events can be found on the Parent Information page.

In closing, as your Gym Dandy is working towards the performance level group, or begins working on new skills, be sure and remind him/her (as well as yourself!)

“You can do anything with practice!” – Jon Cahill, Founder and Director Emeritus

Here’s to what promises to be another great year for the Gym Dandies!