On the Streets of New York City!

Tim Davis and Tyler Savoy riding their big wheel unicycles – zipping in, out, around and through the Gym Dandies formations during the Columbus Day Parade in NYC.

_D4M4558-2-XL(Photo: Andre Spatz)

Shamus Malia in the  “specialty” unicycles group leading the Gym Dandies formation down 5th Avenue in New York City for the 2014 Columbus Day Parade.

columbus-day-parade-new-york-city-2014(Photo: Jennifer Mitchell/New York Daily News)

Of the 150 units in the parade, the Gym Dandies were the only one from outside of the tri-state area. We even made it onto the NYC Channel 7 News! (The Gym Dandies clip is 55 seconds in.)

There are a couple of more pics on the photojournalism site <www.demotix.com>

columbus-day-parade-new-york-city-2014-02(Photo: Andre Spatz)

 The Gym Dandies made it to print in a New York paper called Epoch Times!