The Gym Dandies in the National Spotlight at the 2013 Presidential Inaugural Parade!

The Gym Dandies were honored to be one of only 50 parade units selected from over 2400 applicants for the 2013 Presidential Inaugural Parade. The kids in blue from Scarborough, Maine captured international attention as they rode their 6 foot giraffe unicycles past the President of the United States – and made history as the FIRST unicycle unit ever in a Presidential Inaugural Parade!

The actual 2013 Presidential Inauguration! (We didn’t get to see this part, we were being “staged” at the time.)

The view from the Capitol. The Gym Dandies are way back there at the base of the Washington Monument in the “warming tent” (white tent). Pennsylvania Avenue and the beginning of the parade route to the right.

Outside the warming tent getting ready to go to the “merge point”.

The Gym Dandies doing their thing on Pennsylvania Avenue!

A close up.

Rounding the last corner into a blazing spotlight!

Approaching the review stand.

Getting closer!

…and the culmination of a lot of preparation, hard work, and practice!

(Last four photos courtesy Peter Vachon)